How Slots Work

Slots are easy to play, and the rules are simple.  There are three steps when playing slots.  A bet is placed by the player and they then spin the reels.  The reels stop at a certain random point and symbols appear on the reels.  If there are matching symbols on the paylines and these combinations are found on the paytable the player will win.

The Basics are the Same

Slots all have the same principle and that is to spin and hopefully win, however each slot has different characteristics such as a theme, sound, types of bonus rounds, paytables and jackpots.  Players should become familiar with the type of slot they are playing such as how many paylines are available, studying the paytable to see the winning combinations and if there are scatter and wild symbols and how they work.  Some real money slots will also have special features.  Most online casinos will let players try out slots for free before having to bet real money and this will enable players to become familiar with the game before risking any funds.

What are Paylines?

Each slot has a different amount of paylines.  Some slots have different ways of displaying their paylines, some even go as high as 50 paylines.  Sometimes the way the paylines are arranged can be quite complicated so each slot will have a paytable with the various combinations and their payouts.  In some slots players can choose how many paylines they would like to activate while in others all the paylines are automatically active.  Usually the more paylines that are active, the more the bet size, but this will also increase the odds of winning, so you may want to budget accordingly!

Placing a Bet

One of the biggest decisions that a player will need to make is how much they will bet on each spin.  When placing a bet there are three things to consider, the coin size, how many coins to bet and how many paylines to activate.  In most slot games players can adjust these three.  Each spin is a bet and players will need to work out a betting strategy before spinning the reels.  If they are playing a 50-line slot game it would be pointless if the budget can only accommodate 10 paylines.

Playing the maximum paylines increases the opportunity to win and if players must reduce the coin size to accommodate their budget it could result in a loss.  There is also the max bet option, which will automatically select the coin size, number of coins and the maximum amount of paylines.  It may seem a bit risky but when playing progressive jackpot slots this strategy is advisable.

Slots for Enjoyment

Any form of online gaming is supposed to be enjoyed.  Some players will be lucky and will hit that big win which could change their lives, but ultimately casino games are supposed to be fun and a form of relaxation for many.  It is important that casino players have good control over their budgets so that they can play for longer.  Most casinos will ask players to select a bank size before playing any casino game and to decide how long they would like to play for.  Players can then work out how much they should bet on each spin.  Players should ensure that they pick the right game allowing each spin to count, but also to stay with their strategy.