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The most popular card games have a complex, confusing, and sometimes contradictory origin story. Often historians simply can’t agree or mix of legend and reality, facts and myths.

Free online blackjack is a little different from other card games and at the same time, its relatively short history of the origin, numbering about 300 years, amazing variety of versions. We don’t want to impose on you any of the versions. We’ll just tell you and give you the right to choose the one that seems most plausible.

Card games – predecessors of blackjack

If we ask the question about the origin of card games, you will certainly find their roots in Ancient China. In the 9th century, during the reign of the Tang dynasty, Princess Tongchang described earlier card game.

The invention of sheets of paper instead of the previously used roll helped to create a playing card of different sizes. Ancient Chinese playing cards were considered “cash cards” and were divided into four suits. Was later added numbers and symbols to denote the hierarchy.

Playing cards reached Europe in the late 14th century. Probably the spread of playing cards contributed to the travelling from Egypt the tribe of the Mamluks, who brought a deck of 52 cards. Interestingly, the suit of those cards were very similar to those used in modern Tarot – Cups, Swords, Coins, Staves. There is documentary evidence that playing cards were banned in Switzerland in 1367.

The end of the middle ages

Playing cards spread rapidly across Europe and has gained recognition even among the Royal families.Maps were painted by hand. Each country has made its changes to the appearance of cards and their number in the deck. Today playing cards consists of four suits – spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts, which appeared in France in the late 15th century.

During the 15th century completely changed the look of the cards. Loyal Europeans immortalized the Royal family. And now we see the king, Queen and Prince, otherwise called Jack.

17th century

All historians agree that the history of the origin of blackjack can be traced back to the 17th century. Then in French gambling houses were entertainment called “Vingt et Un”, which translated from French means “21”. Some argue that the “Vingt et Un” was previously designated “Twenty-A”.

The rules of Vingtet Un is very similar to the rules of modern blackjack. The only difference is that in Vingtet Un, the dealer can double his bet. Scientists believe that Vingtet Un originated from the well-known games called Chemin de Fer and French Ferme.

The evolution of blackjack

The game continued to grow and develop for centuries. But the real impetus to the popularity of the game gave, oddly enough, the French immigrants, who brought her to New Orleans, in Louisiana. Here the game took on a new name. Many Americans began to call it simply “21”.

The modern name of “blackjack” is a popular game got a little later. When Nevada legalized gambling, the casino owners tried to attract the players high payouts. The biggest bonus was given for a combination of Jack of spades and ACE of the same suit. And since “Jack” is the same as “Jack”, then the name we can translate as “black Jack”. That is, the Jack of spades.

Online blackjack

The Internet revolution of the 1990s led to migration of many land-based casinos in the world network. And the rapid development of Internet technologies have quickly made online casinos popular, affordable and cheap entertainment.

Black Jack – one of the few games where the outcome depends not only on luck but also on your skill level. Develop the skills of blackjack game and you can beat the casino and get huge winnings. Italldependsonyou!