The prices of jackpot bets

The peculiarity of Slots is that you can win small bets in betting high profits and not even have to combine different bets and their odds. All in all, I think the offer is quite interesting, have already given some tips, but has never had a breakthrough – guaranteed never will, but you can even have luck.

Depending on the application (from 20 cents to 2 €) you can win 100,000 € up to 1 million. Sometimes there are consolation prizes that look like this for the special event at the maximum of 2 €:

The tips must be handed in until the start of the first game. You can also play several lines. If you not only type 6 results, but give 2 tips in a game, it is already counted as a 2-line bet slip. If you give 2 tips in 2 games, there are already 4 lines – through the different possibilities, the lines grow exponentially. You can sometimes play with up to 3,750 lines or more. On the highest line bet of 2 € then you would put 7.500 € total.

In the field of profit distribution, it must be said that this is a prize pool. If 2 players in a betting category have typed all 6 games correctly, the prize is divided among them – however, the chance of that happening is certainly less than the chance that 2 streamers get the same picture on Jamin ‘Jars. The same applies to the respective consolation price categories.

Syndicates as syndicate

If you are not so sure about sports betting, you can participate in syndicates or create one yourself. You can see there, on which outputs the Ladbrokes mobile casino  has set, how expensive the ticket is and how many other players already participate. According to the deposit made you will be paid on a pro rata profit. Only the captain may use the cashout feature that is also available on jackpot bets. Mr Green could buy back the ticket if the odds of winning are very good. Only the captain can agree to the sale. Usually a Twitter profile is deposited, so that one may have the chance to write with him and to consult. But the last decision lies with him. Before participating in a syndicate you have to confirm this rule again.

To participate, the syndicates must be 100% funded. If this is not the case, they will not participate in the actual bet. Although one minimizes the overall risk here, also increases the chances, but makes itself dependent on many imponderables, especially since you get paid only a percentage of the jackpot. Therefore, I prefer to type myself, even if the odds are then lower.

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